Porsha Olayiwola

writer. educator. curator

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"In Porsha Olayiwola’s capable hands, language becomes elastic, becomes kaleidoscopic. I Shimmer Sometimes Too is cinematic, is magic, and a graceful education in the possibilities of form. “
Safia Elhillo, author of The January Children

In language that is both pungent and poignant, Porsha Olayiwola plumbs a diaspora of resilience, rich in ringshouts and inner-city blues chanted to the sky. I Shimmer Sometimes Too is luminous indeed.
Jabari Asim, author of We Can’t Breathe

"Porsha Olayiwola is unlike any other poet writing today. I Shimmer Sometimes Too further solidifies her remarkable dexterity as a writer, witness of the world, and observer of herself. Each poem is a lesson, a story, a mirror that Olayiwola holds up to ensure we pay attention to that which we may have overlooked. Put simply, I love this book. I love how it moves, how it sings, how it swings open the doors and invites all of us in."
Clint Smith, author of Counting Descent